Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Begins With an Idea

Everything begins with an idea, everything ever created, every speech ever spoken, every novel ever written; they all began with a simple idea, a thought. So naturally this blog started with an idea, a simple thought that sparked in my mind that made me want to write. The question is, what was that idea? Well lets make that a very quick answer, I wanted another way to share my thoughts with the World. Today, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media sites allow us to share our everyday experiences with the world but only blogging allows us to really convey them at length!

What though would this idea, this blog entail? Well I believe it will detail the life of a boy named Jish Bockle! This young marketing major had a passion for starting conversation and sharing his thoughts with the world. He has a keen interest in politics, in expressing views about leadership, talking about random stories going on in the world, and on occasion even sharing a story or two of his own. This is what the Bockle Life is all about, a social experience. A place for random internet denizens from anywhere in the world to come and talk about a random boys thoughts and life.

So allow me to kick it off with a little bit of everything, a political issue, a leadership quote, an interesting news item, and a small fact about Jish! Does anyone else ever question why the government tends to ignore students during their elections claiming that they are not a demograph that  tends to vote? Well this maybe true but what if an election point was tailored towards our young student generation? In Ontario this could be the curbing influence of 300,000 + votes! I think politicians should remember that "Leadership is about confidence and trust. The day that people stop trusting you and having confidence in you is the day you have stopped being a leader."

Okay, so its not really current but I just have to ask and make comment on the Playstation Network hack. I read a quote from a hacking group that said maybe people will go out and then get actual lives. Doesn't the PSN at least attempt to promote social interaction? What do you want people to do, go to a movie and be silent, or go spend money at a bar? Not all people play or like sports and if you are taking the time to hack it, are you not in the same no life situation? This isn't a shot or anything just a curious mind asking questions!

So allow me to finish this by leaving you all with a fact about Jish. Jish Bockle loves Glee! Why does he love Glee one may ask? Its an over acted and outrageously written show, but the fact of the matter is, its adorable. It has charm and appeal and its hard not to smile and the talent is out of this world. Plus Brittany one liners??? Please can you ask for anything more?

Until Next Time
Jish Bockle

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